Sherry Teresa

Property Analysis Record (PAR) Economics Analyst

President, EcoLogical Solutions Consulting, LLC

Conservation – particularly assessing, developing and promoting sound long-term stewardship (LTS) programs, creative conservation/mitigation strategies, and innovative and secure funding for conservation stewardship – has been both her vocation and avocation for over 28 years.

Sherry has a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology from Brigham Young University and a Master’s degree from UCLA in Biogeography and Ecosystems Analysis. She has worked for the US Fish and Wildlife Department and the California Department of Fish and Game (now CA Fish and Wildlife). In 1990, Sherry founded the Center for Natural Lands Management and acted as its Executive Director for 20 years. The Center is a long-term stewardship organization for conservation and mitigation lands. In addition to thousands of acres of mitigation lands, the Center managed over 20 conservation and mitigation banks.

While at the Center, Sherry led the development of the Property Analysis Record (PAR) to determine perpetual stewardship costs. The PAR is used nationwide and even internationally to assess conservation stewardship costs. Sherry has provided PAR/LTS and Management Plan training sessions for IRT and Conservation Banking trainings at the USFWS’s National Conservation Training Center in West Virginia for the last 6 years.

Sherry founded EcoLogical Solutions Consulting, LLC (ELS) in 2012 to provide specialized strategic conservation consulting services. ELS currently consults for several national and international clients primarily in the renewable energy industries, and conservation/mitigation bankers on perpetual stewardship and funding. In 2012, ELS was a team member was on the Conservation Fund’s contract to assist the State of Hawaii with the development of their ILF program.