The American Burying Beetle (Nicrophorus americanus) was originally listed as as Endangered under the Endangered Species Act but was down-listed to Threatened in 2020.  Primary threats to the American Burying Beetle are habitat loss, alteration, or degradation, the lack of carrion in their environments and climate change. Currently, litigation is ongoing relative to the future listing status of this species.

ABB Consultation Areas

Bank Location:
Pittsburg County, OK

Tract Size:
>4000 acres

Keystone McAlester Conservation Area (Permittee Responsible Mitigation):
876 acres

American Beetle Conservation Bank:
>4,000 acres

American Burying Beetle Conservation Bank Status: 
Multiple (Six Phases) Approved by USFWS February 2014-December 2019.

Keystone McAlester Conservation Area/PRM Status:
Approved by USFWS & Closed December 2012.