The American Burying Beetle (Nicrophorus americanus) is Federally listed as Endangered. The North American beetle has become critically endangered due to a dramatic habitat loss, alteration, or degradation, and the lack of carrion in their environments. Listed since 1989, they now exist in less than 10% of their historic range.

ABB Service Area
ABB Service Area

ABB Consultation Area
ABB Consultation Area

Bank Location:
Pittsburg County, OK

Tract Size:
1600 acres

Keystone McAlester Conservation Area (Permittee Responsible Mitigation):
876 acres

American Beetle Conservation Bank:
724 acres

American Burying Beetle Conservation Bank Status: 
Approved by USFWS February 2014.

Keystone McAlester Conservation Area/PRM Status:
Approved by USFWS & Closed December 2012.