Common Ground Capital

CGC was formed in the Spring of 2012 to improve the selection and reliability of landscape-scale conservation projects to mitigate impacts via permanently protecting and restoring habitat for the Lesser Prairie Chicken, American Burying Beetle and other species. Wayne Walker and his team of biologists, land men, and other partners have scoured the Southern Plains for the finest habitat and the most willing landowners across the five-state range of the LPC. Initially four project areas totaling 55,000 acres, spread across two ecosystems /service territories were signed up under letters of intent to determine the feasibility of each site as a landscape scale conservation bank. Currently, Common Ground has narrowed this down to the best two sites totaling 55,000 acres with one property serving the short grass prairie ecosystem and the other serving the mixed grass prairie ecosystems. Lesser Prairie Chicken are in great abundance on both of these family ranching enterprises and both locations are well suited to be anchor properties for landscape scale strongholds critical to preserve and restore the LPC to its range. The master programmatic conservation banking agreement was approved in May 2014 and approval of the two properties is expected this summer.