Common Ground Capital

CGC was formed in the Spring of 2012 to improve the selection and reliability of landscape-scale conservation projects to mitigate impacts via permanently protecting and restoring habitat for the Lesser Prairie Chicken, American Burying Beetle and other species. Wayne Walker and his team of biologists, land men, and other partners have scoured the Southern Plains for the finest habitat and the most willing landowners across the five-state range of the LPC.  The result so far is an impressive 86,000 acres which will create a portfolio of landscape conservation banks for the LPC with goal of being able to sell United States Fish & Wildlife approved LPC species credits in advance or at the time of the March 2014 Federal listing decision for the Lesser Prairie Chicken.   

CGC gives landowners the ability to monetize an existing or newly created biological resource over time with a financial structure that is typically very competitive with conventional development arrangements.  Landowners are paid at the time of a credit transaction, up front, versus over time. This allows landowners and CGC to make independent decisions about where to re-invest these funds in the next landscape scale project versus being dependent on annual payment programs that seek to only marginally compensate landowners for their wildlife resources over traditional income streams.